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Mary Scales May 2, 2012 SCI220 Week 1: Discussion Questions • What are some health problems related to inadequate diets? Provide a brief explanation of the problem and the body system involved. If you eat more than you use the surplus energy is stored as body fat; this could lead to you becoming overweight which increases your risk of disease and disability. Some health problems such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, non-insulin dependent diabetes, joint pain, constipation, and becoming short of breath. Your risks multiply if you eat to much animal fat, smoke, drink alcohol and get very little exercise. The Digestive and Nervous Systems are usually the body systems impacted by this. • Do you think that disease is caused more by heredity or by environmental factors? Explain why. All hereditary factors are genetic but not all genetic factors are hereditary. Disease occurs primarily as a result of both genetic defects which ultimately allow for a potential disease to occur with unfortunate environmental factors which may actually trigger the disease. In this case “Nature vs. Nurture” remains unresolved and conditions considered to be primarily genetic are ones in which the presence or absence in genetic mutation can determine whether an individual or population will develop a disease. A disease considered to be primarily environmental is one in which people of virtually any genetic background can develop the disease when they are exposed to the specific environmental factors that cause it. • How does a person’s food pattern over time contribute to the development of diseases? Provide examples. Aside from genetics, environmental factors including diet contribute significantly to the overall health of the individual. Many diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are linked to improper diet. People who eat lots of sugary foods may

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