Three Day Food Intake

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Three Day Food Intake SCI220 November, 1 2011 Three Day Food Intake My personal three day food intake average was a little over 2200 calories per day. Completing meals healthier and with lower calories will help me stay healthy and lose weight. The average calorie intake for a person my age and weight is over 3600 calories (iProfile 2.0, 2011). Eating foods low in fat and sugars will not only help me lose weight, but also make my body feel better. Compared to my previous one day food intake of 5600 calories this three day diet is noticeably better. My diet included protein which came from the meats I ate, turkey and beef. The carbohydrates came from the bread in my sandwiches, the pasta in the lasagna, and the oatmeal for breakfast. The lipids, or fats that I consumed were included in all the meats and breads that I consumed. My intake of all the nutrients was within the limits of the average comparison except I was a little low on my proteins by 5 grams and carbohydrates were low by over 100 grams. Watching what I eat could contribute to the lower levels of carbohydrates but a simple increase in whole grain would bring those levels up and also be a healthy choice. The proteins I consumed were completes proteins. The meats I ate were considered complete because they provide all the essential amino acids (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011). Consuming the proper amount of macronutrients in your diet is essential for proper health and growth of your body. Proteins are needed to keep the body growing properly and cell growth. Eating too little will cause slow development and eating too many, the body will store the protein as fat. Carbohydrates give the body energy, like eating a snickers bar full of nuts will give the body a boost of energy. Eating the proper amount of carbohydrates will help the body to not store an excess amount of fat. The

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