How to Celebrate a Children's Holiday at Home. Essay

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How to celebrate a children's holiday at home. There is an issue for parents to celebrate a birthday of children 5 – 10 years old. Children of this age as usual want to invite on the party many neighborhood kids and classmates. Drawing on my experience I want to share how to celebrate this party at home with fun and interest. First, you need to come up with a holiday theme and obligatorily to write its script. Choose a topic that interests your child, for instance, the captain of the ship. You can find out scripts on children's sites. Then, pick up your own script, according the age of the children. Your plan should start with an intriguing target, for example, to find the treasure. Children have to solve puzzles and to guess riddles, reaching this goal. Riddles and puzzles, chosen in accordance with the age of children, must be difficult, but not easy. It would be an unforgettable party if children acquired any skill, such as knitting simple knots. Schemes tying knots can also be founded in the Internet. Second, it’s necessary to stock up prizes to encourage children on their track towards the target. Prizes must be insignificant, like pads, reeds, whistles, chocolate, but there should be a lot of them. You will need to present the prize after each task. Children enjoy excelling and a small consolation competition prize will spur their interest. Try to create an environment that everyone would be able to win somewhere. At last, cook snacks and hold plenty of drinks. Children do not like to sit at the table eating salads and complex dishes. A good idea is to make a buffet with refreshments: vegetable and fruit canapés, small sandwiches, rolls. The main thing is to stock up quite a lot of drinks, children drink a lot. Preparation of such holiday does not require a lot of time. But this party will be disparately one. So feel free to do a children's party

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