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Red Lobster Livingstone Endee DeVry University Red Lobster Red Lobster is known as one of the most economical and family oriented restaurants in the United States. Founder of Red Lobster, Bill Darden, opened his first restaurant at the age of 19 called The Green Frog. From the beginning, Bill’s restaurants focused on quality and service. With a passion for seafood, it was only a matter of time before Bill and his team opened the first Red Lobster in Lakeland, Fla., in 1968. By the early 1970s, the company expanded throughout the Southeast, establishing Red Lobster as the leader among seafood and casual dining restaurants. "Our biggest competition back then was the kitchen stove," said Joe Lee, a key member of that early crew who later went on to become CEO and chairman, leading the company through much of its growth. Today, there are more than 680 Red Lobster locations in the United States and Canada. Their reputation as seafood experts is known worldwide. It is evident that Americans choose Red Lobster over other casual seafood dining restaurants due to their reasonably priced menu selections, restaurant cleanliness, and exceptional customer service. Over the years, Red Lobster’s passion for seafood and delicious experiences has kept them evolving. Red Lobster continually introduced guests to fresh dishes that quickly became favorites, with many guests getting their first taste of calamari, snow crab and Key lime pie. Their menu has grown and changed with their guests’ tastes and they pride themselves for being able to bring the best of the sea to your table. Red Lobster, the inventors of popcorn shrimp, menu provides choices for any lover of seafood or even an individual with seafood allergies. The menu at Red Lobster offers various choices at an affordable price. As the economy has taken a turn and people are eating out less often, it has become

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