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EXPLAIN AND JUSTIFY THE REASONS BEHIND YOUR CHOICE OF TEACHING AND LEARNING APPROCHES AND USE OF RESOURCES, FOR ONE OF YOUR DELIVERED SESSIONS. I decided to teach how to make a no bake cheesecake for my micro teach as it will be fun, interactive, creative and stimulating for the students. Cheesecakes can be tasty, exciting to make and can appeal to both sexes and all age groups, they can also be evolved so individuals with allergies will be able to enjoy the experience of cake making. I have always loved making cheesecakes from a young age and wanted to pass on my skills of making them. I wanted my learners to not only learn something new but feel that they had achieved something new. I chose a variety of teaching methods which was a mix of visual, audio and kinaesthetic learning approaches. Learners were given hand-outs of the recipe and were able to give feedback of ways the recipe could be changed; a flipchart was also used to take down any points given. An example of the cake was shown and students were able to taste the cake, and were then able to identify the ingredients they can taste and see. Learners were able to reflect as a group on how the cake looked and tasted and how they would do things differently next time. This was aimed at using their taste, visual and audio senses. After the session the students were given an assignment to go home and adopt new recipes which they can look up on the internet (ICT) with the choice of some of the teaching and learning approaches used within my delivered session. Doing so learners are then able to use different functional skills and resources that are available to them whether at home or in a classroom and develop their own techniques to learning or

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