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Everybody in the world wants to stay healthy and have a good luck. Nobody wants to be sick. Health is really important factor in human lives. So to live longer, you should know some strategies to be healthy. There are 3 main aspects that contribute to healthiness. First of all, you should do exercise a lot. Exercises provide many advantages for our lives as well as our body. It is very essential for staying healthy, keeping fitness, and improving immune system. There are many types of exercises for us to do such as jogging, running, swimming, riding a bike, lifting weights, aerobic and so on. All of them are very important for our health. When you do exercise, you will have perspiration, so it will send toxic or poison out of the body and you will feel better. In addition, our body will have low blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attack levels and low rate of sugar. During the act of doing exercise, blood vessel will expand, so the blood will reach the muscle, brain and other organs in our body. Second, you should be careful with what you eat and what you drink everyday. Eating relates closely to our health and lives. If we don’t be careful with the food, we will have a lot of problems with our health. You should define what you eat. Your food should be balanced. You shouldn’t eat meat a lot. You’d better eat vegetable, fruit, liver, eggs, drink milk because it contains a lot of vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, C, D, E, K. Besides that, to be healthy, you need to go on diet. It means that in the morning you should drink a glass of water before you have breakfast. Water can clean the amount of acid in the stomach, so it can avoid you from having stomachache. For lunch, you shouldn’t eat fried food instead of this you should eat grilled fish with some green vegetables. For dinner, you can have some soup with vegetable. Moreover, you should not drink too much alcohol,

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