Case 7.04 Weight: Keeping It Under Control Chart Directions

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7.04 Weight: Keeping It Under Control Chart Directions There are many ways to lose weight. Some diet plans are healthy but some aren’t. They’re books, articles and websites teaching you or giving you advice on how to start or things you should do doing your exercise plan and diet plan as well. The real question is, out of all these resources which one really does work best with keeping you in shape and healthy? The person I chose to interview was on the “Weight Watchers Diet” He liked weight watchers because your lifestyle of living changes into a healthy one and you lose the weight. Some of the basic premises you eat are fruits, vegetables, dairy, etc. Also having a membership between a meeting membership or a 3 month saving plan online. Although the downside is on the weight,…show more content…
You would have to reduce your calorie intake, however it is not a drastic calorie change as in most diets. It is a permanent weight management program instead of a diet that you use only for a temporary weight loss. Both programs help with reducing weight loss AND both also deal with the food pyramid method. Interview Questions ● Why did you initially choose this diet? I chose Weight Watchers because it’s doesnt sound or look strict at all just a “healthy style” of living. Besides, it’s the opposite you can still eat anything you want from the menu and still lose pounds of fat. ● What is the basic premise of this diet/eating plan? Weight Watchers contains a balance of vegetables, fruit, dairy, exercise activity and multi­vitamins. ● What were two positive aspects of the diet? Learning healthier habits and No food restrictions ● Were there any downsides to the diet plan? Explain. You must be willing to record everything you eat and disciplined as well. My weekly progress dissapoints me because I lose very little pounds each week. ● Did you have success on this diet? No ● Are you still on the diet plan? Yes, I am still on it ● Have

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