Is Diet Soda Really Healthy?

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Many people think that diet soda is healthy because diet soda only contains no fat, low or no calories and no sugar. A can of soda can provides 140 calories, whereas a can of diet soda only provides 4 calories. If we switch from a regular soda to a diet soda then we can save up to 146 calories. Therefore some healthy experts recommended to drink diet soda instead of regular soda. In a can of 12 oz diet soda, there are a total fat of 0.7g, no saturated fat, no polyunsaturated fat, no monounsaturated fat, no cholesterol, 28mg of sodium, 25mg of potassium, 0.84g carbohydrate, no dietary fibre, no sugars and 0.39g of protein. We need to eat more carbohydrates for the use in the body for energy and movement. Proteins help with muscle growth and repair. Therefore we need to eat food with protein in moderation. Oils and fats should be eaten sparingly but they are still important in our diet because they are needed in our body to maintain the cell membrane structure. The energies given in a can of soda (12 oz) is only 4 calories which is 15 kilojoules. For a teen girl or teen boy, we need 10,000 kilojoules and 12,000 kilojoules respectively per day. Any overeaten food will be store as fat in our body. Someone believe that diet soda is healthy because it is with low or even none calories which makes us not easy to gain weight comparing to drinking regular soda. In addition, diet soda gives benefits for the diabetes, as the artificial sweeteners will not affect their blood sugar. It will not raise blood glucose level due to the lack of carbs in diet soda. Furthermore, due to the fact that diet soda does not have sugar which produces an acid in the month causing plaque production. With consideration of plaque reduction, diet soda is a better choice. In fact, drinking diet soda may cause negative impact to our health. A high level of alkalinity is needed for our bodies to

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