How To Analyze Your Diet

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How To Analyze Your Diet Date: December 2nd , 2009 Nowadays, people are always pressured by the media and by their society to stay in shape. There are many reasons on why people would want to keep fit. Keeping fit according to our society is a sign of health, beauty, attractiveness and in some cases is needed to reach high positions in the career ladder. As a result, many people look for cheap and easy ways to accomplish their goals of losing weight especially when conventional dieting and exercise failed or is unattainable in this busy lifestyle. These “easy and cheap ways” instead of shaping your body can instead be a cause of damage to your health. Some drug companies promote products that promise you everything you’ve ever wished for without the hassle of being hungry. They advertise “lose weight without the hassle of dieting” or “lose 10 pounds in 1 week guaranteed or your money back”. In addition other so called “dietitians” encourage special miracle diets that assure fast and effective weight loss in very little time and with little effort. How safe are these products and how valid are the claims made by these companies? The primary problem that most people do not realize is that being fit and slim is not the same as being healthy. Having a healthy body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is by far the most essential aim one should have when trying to lose weight and get fit. Taking these products or following some miracle diet may sometimes allow one to lose many pounds in little time but carry bad consequences on the body including malnutrition and sometimes fatal side effects as seen with products such as ephedra. People seek these ways due to their lack of patience and control of one self. There are a few ways to address this broad issue, but the most important step to a healthy and fit body is to find diet that is suitable for the person
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