Self-Management Contract Essay

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Self-Management Contract: Changing and Controlling Eating Habits Self-Management Contract: Changing and Controlling Eating Habits Maya Angelou stated, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude” (Brainy Quotes, n.d.). Many people have behaviors they wish to change about themselves. Some of these behaviors may be to quit smoking, lose weight, change eating habits, become better parents, manage anger, manage time, begin exercising, control drinking, or even become a better student. With behavioral modification it is important to have a goal that is measurable, attainable, positive change, and something the person desires. I wish to change my eating habits and prevent stress-eating. Dieting can be stressful attempt at controlling weight, but often times do not show lasting results (Papies & Petra, 2010, p. 384). “Although restrained eaters are generally very concerned with their weight and motivated to control it by restricting their food intake, they are not very successful in these attempts, and their eating behavior is characterized by periods of food restriction as well as by repeated lapses of restraint” (Papies & Petra, 2010, p. 384). Studies have shown that restricted eaters have stronger urges to indulge in appealing food and are more likely to over eat these foods compared to nonrestricted eaters (Papies & Petra, 2010, 384). Recent psychological research has proven that accessible goals have a strong influence on people’s behavior (Papies & Petra, 2010, p. 384). The first step in modifying behavior is to conduct a behavioral assessment (Parrot, 2003, p. 278). The assessment can be done through a questionnaire or even with the assistance of a significant other (Parrot, 2003, p. 278). The assessment helps a person determine the proper treatment plan (Parrot, 2003, p. 278). In
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