How Policies Affect Public Services

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How Can The Public Services Be Affected And Impacted By Policies Which The Government Create? Policies which may affect all public services; Use of Technology: For the army in particular, technology is a key factor for efficiency and ability. The army require the best technology available as it is required to have the upper hand on the battlefield and also to save the lives of the members of our armed forces. They have been used in different areas of the military, from the RAF to the Navy also. One key piece of equipment used by the army and RAF could be the surveillance drones and equipment used to seek mines, traps and bombs as well as scout an area they may plan to infiltrate. On the other hand, as technology globally has and is constantly…show more content…
The UK government in recent years has had to resort to financial cutbacks due to the recession, especially funds for the public services. This had has a large impact on the public services, majority of them being negative. An example could be there have been many Fire station closures within the UK. The fire service in recent years has vastly improved, this can be show by the number of fires is annually decreasing. This means the government does not see the need to have as many fire men/women and therefore made many redundant and closed down fire stations in order to save money. This has caused an upset, both with fire men and women local residents as they believe the service times may increase as there is not as many available in comparison to before the redundancies. The same can be said about the police force, there has been a vast decrease between the amount of people the police force take on and train and allow to become a member of the police force as they simply cannot take on the amount that may be needed due to government cutbacks and financial policies. However, a positive affect that can be said about financial policies that result on cutbacks for public services could be that as money is saved for example in reducing the amount of fire stations and fire men/women, the money could be invested in an alternative public service such as the paramedic service or the NHS in order to
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