How Does Terrorism Affect Policing

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Terrorism and Policing Abstract The response to devastation shaped by the September 11th attacks established the need for planning and leadership before, during, and following times of crisis. Boundless finger-pointing and lying of blame occurred pertaining to the delayed arrival of help to the suffering individuals of the event. Many would say that those experts and the government’s engineers must carry out an evacuation plan and permit infrastructure funding. Law enforcement administrators currently have changed the nature of policing and security efforts in the United States. One cannot fathom how the incident of September 11, 2001, caused change and increased the public’s fears and concerns regarding security and the methods of technology necessary for safeguarding the United States. However, today’s law enforcement at all levels; are prepared for terrorist attacks (White, 2004). CONTENTS Abstract 2 Terrorism and Policing 4-6 Law…show more content…
However, necessary changes has occurred regards to resources used prior to the 9/11 attack. Currently, on-scene leaders must know resources that are available to them from Federal, state, and local agencies; they must also be aware of protocols during collaboration within established agencies. This action is necessary because cooperative procedures are set forth in mutual aid agreements. Law enforcement administrators must ensure that the incident officers or commanders in charge with the responsibility for command and control during such attacks are operating on a well-laid foundation. In addition, several types of categories regards to terrorism are known today; which is an overview of the National Incident Management System that has been created to assist public agencies when addressing major incidents. These major incidents are monitored by the emergency response checklist, tactical concerns, and technical
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