911 What About All the Cospiracy Theories?

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Were the attacks of 911 a conspiracy theory? On Tuesday September 11th 2011, famously known as ‘911 the attacks by Al-Qaeda took place in the United States in New York City and in Washington, D.C. Al-Qaeda are a group of Islamic terrorists founded by Osama bin Laden, Abdullah Azzam, and several other militants whose individuals use Islamic motivations for their actions. 19 of these individuals hijacked four different American airliners which were later to be flown into the North and South tower of the World Trade Centre by American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, the Pentagon by American Airlines Flight 77 and attempted to crash into Washington DC by United Airlines Flight 93.-Inside 9/11: Zero Hour, National Geographic Channel documentary, 2005.” The attacks resulted in the death of 2,996 people 19 of which were the hijackers and caused at least $10 billion of economic damage to infrastructure of property. -How much did the September 11 terrorist attack cost America, Institute for the Analysis of Global security. Not only did the attacks leave behind sheer devastation it left behind lots of speculation between what really happened that day. People started to poke holes in what was being shown on the news and what the government was leading the public to believe was the truth. With things not adding up with what they were telling us conspiracy theories began to develop. In this extended project I’m going to explore the main conspiracy theories behind 911 and answer the question were the attacks of 9ll really a conspiracy theory? What is a conspiracy theory? “The belief that the government or a covert organization is responsible for an event that is unusual or unexplained, especially when any such involvement is denied” Collins English Dictionary-2012 The government led everyone to believe that the attacks on September the 11th were organised and

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