Orwell's Warnings

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The classic novel 1984 by the George Orwell explored the brutality of totalitarian regime. He wrote this book as a warning because he predicted that if the government continued to grow rapidly unimpeded, it would lead to a dystropic future. His warning were suppose do have come true in 1984 but didn’t. His warnings are still valid as the world we know today is racing its way towards the immensely bleak future that Orwell predicted for us. There are many reasons as to why I believe that his warnings are still apparent today. The government has the power to note and follow every aspect of our social, emotional and personal lives. Our governments today are already showing shades of a totalitarian regime. The surveillance grid is going up by leaps…show more content…
To a certain extent, they may shelter and protect us but these cameras are being place everywhere and are mostly used to spy on students, employees, pedestrian and you. In Australia, the average citizen is likely to be captured on film about fifteen times a day. Like most civil liberties, our “right” to privacy is hard to regain when it has been lost. This figure is tremendously worse in other countries, in the city of London alone; citizens are being caught on camera an average of three-hundred times a day. These camera are recording our every move, are they really used for our protection or are they used against us? Now days, television which have inbuilt spy-camera that are strikingly similar to the ones shown in 1984 by Gorge Orwell are being sold around the world. Orwell portrays the effects of a totalitarian government and their greed for more power and control. One condition that Orwell states is physiological control. This is also seen today as our own governments try to control us by political propaganda and fabricated news, which is also seen in the novel. They censor what we see, what we believe, our past and our future. They misinform the public by manipulating and tweaking the truth to support their own personal agenda. Just as the Party lied about how the war against Eastasia and Eurasia was going, our media lies about similar subject
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