Why I Want To Go To War

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President James K. Polk and President George W. Bush had both wanted to go to war with countries that they believed had been a threat to the United States. They both had believed that these two countries that they had wanted to go to war with had been terrorizing American citizens. Both presidents had honestly believed that the only way to settle this dispute was to go to war. These two presidents had manipulated the government and Americans into thinking that that the only option they had left was to go to war. They both made citizens feel that their lives were going to be, if not already, in danger. Both presidents had presented false evidence of mistreatment of Americans and the ownership of lethal weapons. President James K. Polk for…show more content…
He had blamed Iraq for starting the war. He had told Americans that “we had not asked for this present challenge, but we accept it. And like other generations of Americans, we will meet the responsibility of defending human liberty against violence and aggression”. President Bush had blamed Saddam Hussein to be a dictator. He had blamed Iraq to be holding terrorists, he had made America believe that Iraq had been under Saddam Hussein’s clutches and that whatever he had to say was law. President Bush had stated in his speech that, “Saddam Hussein is harboring terrorists and the instruments of terror, the instruments of terror of mass death and destruction, and he cannot be trusted. The risk is simply too great that he will use them or provide them to a terror network”. He had made Americans believe that Hussein was creating weapons and developing a nuclear weapon so that he could “blackmail” the world. President Bush had not trusted Saddam Hussein and he didn’t want rest of America to either. President George W. Bush had gathered enough “evidence” against Iraq and Saddam Hussein that America had been deceived by these false statements and they were too terrified for their own safety that they had decided to allow president Bush go to war with
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