How Did George W. Bush's Decision To Invade Iraq

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President George W. Bush, It has come to my attention that the media has been cluttered with seemingly endless coverage of your administration’s idea to enter into a war with Iraq, from the images of Saddam Hussein as a tyrannical dictator to the stories of angered citizens burning American flags and protesting, happy with Hussein’s reign over the country. With this confusing mixture of propaganda, it is increasingly difficult to determine whether or not you and your administration’s idea to invade Iraq was just. Considering a variety of different analytical views and coverage of the time before the invasion, I can conclude that America was unjust in its decision to enter into the war in Iraq. By examining the reasons for going to war, I…show more content…
After your successes in Afghanistan with the removal of the Taliban, you began making claims that Iraq was in possession of weapons of mass destruction, materials that were capable of killing many people at one time. You also confirmed that these weapons were in danger of potentially falling into the hands of terrorists. Although this point was excellent in proving your loyalty to protecting our freedoms and liberties, there was little intelligence that actually confirmed these reports. Scott Ritter, in his book called War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn’t Want You to Know, highlights his seven years as a weapons inspector in Iraq during his time with the United Nations. He talks about how he and other weapons inspectors were able to confirm that Iraq's chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons programs were effectively destroyed, counter to current White House claims. His knowledge was present before the attacks had begun; indicating that you or your advisors knew this before they made the decision to invade. This was confirmed after the invasion and subsequent complete search of Iraq territory, where no such weapons were
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