Eugene Jarecki Why We Fight Analysis

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Julissa Santiesteban Professor Kaluzshski English 101-78525 1 April 2013 Terrorism: Who Owns the Term? All over the United States, Americans obliviously connect the terms “terrorism” to “terrorists.” Mainly due to political messages and mainstream media, we automatically have a specific image that enters our minds when we hear news about terrorism. Terrorism is a global phenomenon that is easily recognized yet difficult to define. What does the term terrorism stand for? Everyone has their own definition; therefore this question has no definite answer. The people who are at fault is our government, not Americans. By recognizing the correct definition of terrorism and understanding how we are being manipulated by government officials, can we then stop supporting our…show more content…
provokes these actions. American filmmaker, Eugene Jarecki, in his documentary, “Why We Fight,” addresses the topic of military industrial complex and argues that the government abuses its power and manipulates Americans about foreign policies and their intentions abroad. He supports this argument by interviewing many government and military personnel and addresses wrongful military actions and weaponry in other countries. Many of the military personnel repeatedly mentioned that orders they disagreed with were part of the job and had to be done. They also agreed that corruption was a huge issue in both legislative and executive branches of government. In addition, he shows his viewers that the majority of civilians do not know the answer as to why Americans are fighting today but do agree that preventing terrorism is part of the reason. The government has failed over and over again to give a direct answer as to what type of “terrorism” is threatening our country and has left Americans in the
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