What Factor Was The Cause Of The Cold War?

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Many people are diverse when it comes to the cold war and each believed the other was the cause and the start. USA believed that Russia was a threat and thus tried to make out that she was the true villain, yet Russia believed that it was the USA’s doing in which provoked a war full of rivalry and suspicion. However, which side really did start it? Many factors during the stages of the cold war were often taken out of proportion however each side convinced its own people that it was the other sides own being. For example, when the USA dropped the atomic bomb on Japan the Russians were particularly frightened of what this meant for them. Arguments for this factor often were the fact that now USA were now in a completely different league to Russia as it meant with this power they could quite easily defeat their communist enemies without any real casualties. This also meant that the USA had no other rival superpower and thus could control the world’s affairs. Stalin and the rest of the Russians were not oblivious to this fact but yet they were particularly fearful and suspicious and had to predict the worst possible outcome which was that America would drop an atomic bomb on Russia. As a result in reaction to this Stalin placed part of his red army in each of the eastern European countries which would then become communist and be part of the USSR. This was good on the Russians behalf as it meant that the Soviet Union now had a lot of land which would become a platform to contaminating Europe with communism. This would also work well as countries were in such a terrible state after the war that people would want a revolution in order to recover. This was hugely successful as all eastern European countries except Yugoslavia were now under the control of Russia. The American’s and the Western European countries reaction to this were superstition as they believed that

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