Truman Was To Blame For The Cold War Analysis

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‘’Truman was to blame for the outbreak of the cold war. How far do you agree with this statement?’’ The Cold War was a period of great tension between the United States of America and the Soviet Union, which were the two ‘superpowers’ that resulted from World War II. Although many believe that the ‘ideology clash’ between these two countries was the cause of the outbreak of the Cold War, many factors were involved. It would be impossible to summarize all of them in a text, since there are dozens, maybe even hundreds of small factors and events that affected the relations between these two countries, so this essay will concentrate on some of the ‘main’ causes of the cold war, at least according to historical resources. Defining the start date of the cold is a difficult thing to do: Some say it started even before World War II, after the Munich Agreement…show more content…
Although Truman’s actions and the new ‘policies’ that he introduced were a major factor to the deterioration of America-Soviet relations, it is important to understand the pre-1945 factors that affected these relations. After World War I, European countries adopted an appeasement ideology: The world was horrified by what the war had done to Europe, and a war like that must never happen again, so peace must be protected at all costs. This led to many attempts to preserve peace in Europe, which ultimately failed as Germany invaded Poland and the world realized that another war was about to begin. However, one of the last agreements that the western countries signed with the Nazis might have been the start of the bad Soviet relations with these countries: the Munich agreement. This agreement said that Hitler was free to invade a portion of Czechoslovakia, as long as he went no further. While the British and French saw it as a peace agreement, the Soviet Union started to grow suspicious, and though that what these two countries were really trying to achieve was a Nazi-Soviet war, since they expected that the
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