25 Points Programs Essay

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* In the Nazis party some of the main points of the 25 points Programs were: abolish the treaty of Versailles/ union of Germany and Austria/ true Germans only allowed to live in Germany, no Jews/ industries and businesses to be nationalized/ provision for old pensioners/ to have a strong German government. * By nov 1923, Hitler believed it was time to take over. While the republic was occupied with economic crises and the Ruhr, Hitler hijacked the local government meeting and announced he was taking over the government of Bavaria, he was joined by war hero Ludendorff. Though the next day, the police rounded them up and arrested them. This was known as the Munich putsch. In trail, Hitler impressed the judges, high treason the crime Hitler committed) should be a life…show more content…
Now it was clear that Hitler could not be trusted and unlike Studenland, the rest of Czech was never part of Germany before thee war, so this was clearly an invasion. Britain and France told Hitler they would declare war on him if he invaded Poland. * Stalin had been worried about Germany all along cause he read about Hitler’s plans about taking over the east of Europe, he also knew Britain and France would not stand in his way cause they supported his idea of anti communism. So instead he went to Hitler and they agreed on ‘The Nazi Soviet pact’ which was that Hitler would not invade Russia and Poland can be divided in 2 between them. Stalin wanted the east, to take over the Baltic states and he knew that Hitler would not keep his word but he had hoped that the agreement would give him time to build up his forces. * On September 1939, Germany invaded Poland and on September 2, Britain and France kept the promise they made about protecting Poland if Hitler invaded. And so they declared war on Germany. Hitler was not ready for such a war and he then realized he had taken one gamble too
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