To What Extent Was the Nazi Soviet Pact Responsible for the Outbreak of World War 2?

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The Nazi Soviet Pact states that the Soviets and Germany would not fight with each other in the event of an outbreak of war in Europe. Russia was then guaranteed a part of Poland. After the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1939, Hitler’s next target was Poland. However, he feared a two-front war with Britain and France in the West and Soviet Union in the east. Negotiation thus took place between Germany and Russia. With Soviet Union agreeing to be neutral, it gave Germany a peace of mind and Hitler was confident because even if Britain and France were to war with Germany, Hitler was confident of being able to handle a war on the west as he only had to fight on one front. With his fear of a two-sided war removed, he thus invaded Poland. Another reason would be the failure of the League of Nations. Despite one of its main purpose being to prevent the outbreak of war, it was useless and did nothing to prevent the outbreak of World War 2. This was due to it having no military force of its own. America, one of the major powers, did not support it. France and Britain the other major powers also did nothing to stop. The League did nothing except protest against Germany’s past aggressive behavior and Japan and Mussolini’s invasion. All this caused Hitler to be more confident that nothing will happen if they were to invade Poland. Britain and France were also at fault for appeasing Germany. When Germany had started its rearmament and invaded Czechoslovakia, they did nothing as they wanted to appease Hitler as they believe they were not strong enough to defeat Hitler and they fear setting economic embargo on Germany would affect their own economy as they have not recovered from World War 1 and the Great Depression. Hitler was a gambler rather than a planner. With each success, he simply took the next logical step to see what he could achieve. Another factor

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