Dropping Of The Atomic Bomb Justified Essay

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Many people will argue that the United States was justified in the dropping of the atom bomb. These people believe that dropping the atomic bomb was necessary for Japan's surrender and the end of World War II. Before the bombing, Japan refused to accept the unconditional surrender offered to them by the Potsdam Declaration, and in response to the Declaration Japan prepared every man, woman, and child to fight till death. There was no possibility that Japan would surrender. The pride of the Japanese was so great that it would not allow them to surrender and many of Japan's soldiers fought in a kamikaze style which they would go to the extreme of killing themselves in order to kill at least one enemy soldier. President Truman needed some method other than the Potsdam Declaration to force the Japanese to surrender, he found that in the atomic bomb. The use of the atomic bomb was believed to be the…show more content…
Despite the ridiculous cover-ups provided by people, who support the dropping of the atomic bomb, there are an equal number of reasons why other people believe it should never have happened. The destruction caused by the bomb is one major justification for why it should not have been used. The US did not know the amount of damage the bomb was going to create, or the effects it would have on the people affected by the radiation. The dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima was an inhumane act of cruelty and murder to over a hundred thousand Japanese, and the twenty-three American prisoners of war that were being held in Hiroshima at the time the bomb was dropped. The US should have held back from dropping the bomb until knowledge of the bombs full power was known. The U.S should have demonstrated its power to Japan by bombing an unpopulated area, not incinerating a Japanese city. Henceforth I believe that the use of the A-bomb was not necessary for the war on

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