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Donavan Dutra 17, September 2011 Option 2: How has America changed as a result of the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11? Write an essay, with a clear thesis, which discusses the changes and the effects of these changes. Please use specific examples as evidence. Outside sources can also be used to support the position that you take.Dutra 2 Truly in all essence, the 9/11 attacks was one of the most devastating events to ever take place on US soil. The mere mentioning of it’s name¾still to this day, carries a huge impact on not just Americans’ hearts, but the hearts of our foreign allies. Like a spell cast out by a witch, the renouncement of the September 11 terrorist attacks causes the hairs of many, to stand on end. Even though the events that took place on 9/11 passed and is done with; the shadows which materialized that day still carries on¾like a blanket of fear being superimposed over the globe. As discussed in my English Composition college course, a new type of patriotism came into existence¾patriotism brought to the extremist level. This new type of patriotism that plagued the lands¾infecting many¾brought us Americans some much needed unification¾but at the expense of living in fear, out-casting the ones whom stand out from the norm. Some call this an improvement, that we’re now on our toes at all times. However, I completely disagree. I’d like to present the facts to you as clearly as I possibly could. Due to the September 11 attacks, America has changed for the worse. The everyday, average American life is now plagued by fear, animosity, segregation, increased dependency of social assimilation, and increased Governmental manipulation. Ever heard of the expression: “Too much of a good thing can prove just as bad”? Well, sadly enough, this saying couldn’t be anymore true! After the great tragedy of 9/11¾as I already tried to explain¾an
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