Conflict Between the United States and the Middle East

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Conflict between the United States and the Middle East The growing conflict between the United States and the Middle East is something that has not seemed to die down. The government officials of the Middle East have been complaining about the continuing increase of the United States Political successors and Military advancements. The Middle East and Islamic nations just feel threatened by the United States military force. I believe that the United States and troops are not trying to intentionally be a threat to the Middle East; they are just trying to make sure that the Americans are protected. The Islamic nation feels the need to always be in attack mode because of the big threat that the United States poses as. The catastrophic and rebellion among the Islamic people is what is tearing them down and not the United States. The ongoing battles between the United States and the Middle Eastern nations have been going on long enough. The deepest part of the conflict comes from the fact that each country does not actually know how powerful the other one is. The Middle Eastern should see its own nation as a threat and not that the United States is a threat to them. There have been many chaos and destruction among the Islamic country. Many of the Citizens that reside there fail to realize how self destruction one’s own country matters more than destruction from another country. The Middle East is not advanced like the United States in the aspect of military weapons. One can easily see how the Unites States poses as a threat towards them. According to the article, “Peace and Security” Henry Wu agrees with me by describing how much of threat the Middle East is. The Middle Eastern nations can stand for ignorance chaos because of their own actions. It is very unruly of how much they destroy each other and tear each other apart. It is only logical for an American Citizen

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