SOC-120 Introduction To Ethics And Social Responsibility

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Relativism in Society Rebheka Moran SOC-120 Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility Dr. Acevedo February 11, 2013 Relativism in Society Form the beginning of time there has always been a moral dilemma. Over the years of human existence these dilemmas have changed with the dominant culture of the time. Religion, and social structure have dominated the morality of the society, whether or not we agree with it is a matter of opinion. The key fact is that right or wrong is an opinion not a fact, which is why it is constantly changing. Lenn Goodman (2010) writes about genocide, terrorism, slavery, and rape. He writes about these in a highly opinionated form that is very conducive to the current make everyone feel good…show more content…
Like genocide, terrorism has been used in warfare since warfare was first instituted. As the name states it is used to create a state of terror in the society that it is used against. This tactic is not only used against military targets, but also against civilian targets, in order to pressure the public against any retribution towards the group. Terrorism is very efficient and cost effective, as has been seen in recent years. As with genocide, terrorism does not create any moral dilemma to the society that implements it, yet the one that it is being used against is of the opinion that it is one of the worst things that can be used. The United States condemns all of the Muslim extremist organizations for their use of terrorism, yet the United States used the same tactics during the Revolutionary war. The exploits of the fictitious character Robin Hood used what would be seen as terrorist acts against a portion of the society in which he lived in, yet it is glorified in movies and books. Pirates also used and continue to use terrorism today. In the United States and England, English pirates that terrorized other nations are glorified, while all other pirates are…show more content…
In the beginning slavery was used to have the ability to have more workers for a project or projects, such as building or farming. Warfare was the start to slavery, as warring bands fought the loser was enslaved and used in the fields and erecting buildings. This way of acquiring slaves was used till the middle ages, as warfare that could supply slavery slowed the invention of indentured servant came about. Indentured servitude is just another form of slavery with nicer word; this was the start of modern slavery, and the slave trade. Slavery has been used for financial status, the more slaves you had the more wealth you had. This was the case during the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and in modern times the Spanish, British, and United States societies. Slavery as an institution lasted for thousands of years, so it was a tough transition when it ended due to public pressure, yet was an accepted practice throughout the world until the late

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