Slavery In America Essay

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The impact of slavery on these United States of America has had long-lasting and far- reaching effects on the culture of this nation. The notion that one is a product of their past has been like a concrete bolder tied around the necks of the generations, which followed the institution of slavery. An institution formed to encourage the economic enterprise in the Americas at the beginning of an immigration onslaught to these newly formed United States. However, the political environment of era in addition to racism encouraged in British society, which followed the colonist to the new world; encouraged and in many ways fostered division of the people based on color. Moreover, as the institute of slavery was producing great economic wealth for…show more content…
Slavery was established in the British colonies of the Americas to provide a cheap abundant work source, which would reproduce ensuring many years of hard labor. The continent of Africa provided an abundance of peoples to be forced into subjugation, and Africa’s political conditions made the slave trade more important to the domestic commerce and international influence. (Pg. 49) Political leaders and merchants of the slave trade in both Europe and Africa recognized the enormous monetary gain and political advantages, encouraged by the slave trade. The slave trade was no longer monopolized by the Royal African Co., therefore opening up a new market of human trade to fuel the growth of the American colonies which was dependent on the cheap forced labor to oversee the cultivation of corps like tobacco in the United States, and Sugar cane in the Caribbean Islands and its Lesser Antilles. In the newly formed colonies “migrant slaves from Africa outnumbered the European migrants nearly five to one.”(Pg. 50) Over the next century and a half more than 21 million people had been enslaved in Africa and forced into slavery in the New World as described in the
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