What Were the Causes and Effects of the Portuguese Enslavement of Africans Sent to Brazil?

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Slavery in the spanish colonies first started when settlers enslaved natives using then to work on local labor. When the portuguese had an increase in the demand of agricultural products they needed workers but many lives were being talke from native slave, they were not working hard, and diseases from the new world were killing them. this was when they noticed that Aficans were immune to the conditions and diseases. Being a slave in Africa was good for some but ever since the Portuguese came in to the slave trade, life for a slave became harsh. The main reason why the portuguese enslaved aficans was so they can have men to work on plantations. During colonial period the demand of suger, tobacco, cotten and other agricultural products increased. When this happened so did the demand of workers to work on the plantations especulay in Brazil. One of the best workers were ones that worked for free and also immune to diseases from the new world, these people were African slaves. The slaves were the the main workers of this time and there were many of them in Brazil, “about 812,000 Slaves,” (Robert Conrad pg. 1). Before the Protuguese came and brought afican slaves, slaves in africa had a better life. They were given shelter and food from their owners and if lucky you were given an education. Also slave in africa were able to work there way out of slavery. This was why some Aficans would become slaves, so they they could have a better life. But some of then did not have a choice for an example africans would capture africans. Most people did this to either get rid of enemys so they could increase the wealth of there communties (The Organization of Slave Trade pg. 3). This is why both side, Portuguese and Africans, took part in slave trade. Before slaves got to Brazil they first had to survive the middle passage. When Africans were sold to the Portuguese

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