Slavery In North America

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Slaveries effects on North America Slavery was present in the United States from the moment the declaration of independence was signed, and over a 100 years before. It's presence during this critical time period of development in the United States, from the first colonies to the day the United States was founded, until the 1860's, allowed for it to interweave itself in almost all aspects of America; primarily economically, politically, and socially. Slavery impacted America in numerous ways, from the political balancing act of free and slave states, to the growth of a southern slave dependent economy, slaveries presence during americas infancy was extremely influencing. Slavery was first introduced to english north america in Jamestown, Virginia 1619. A dutch slavetrader made port and exchanged 20 “negars” for food.[1] These first africans were treated as indentured servants, equal to their white counterparts. They had the ability to gain freedom after a set period of servitude or by converting to christianity. One of the first major establishments of african slavery in america was in charlestown, south carolina. Charlestown was founded by planters whom brought along their slaves from the overpopulated sugar growing island Barbados.[2] African slaves were difficult to acquire in north america because of the Caribbean's voracious appetite for slave labor. The african population growth in north america started off very slowly. “In 1625 their were only 23 africans present in virginia.”[3] 25 years later there were only 950, 3-4% of the colonies population, and they were still treated in the same manner as an indentured servant. The main reason behind slaveries growth in america was economy based. The first colonies were formed with the intention to make money. Economic success was the backbone for prosperity in north america. Shortly after
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