Slavery, Democracy, And Conquest In American Histo

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Slavery, Democracy, and Conquest in American History History is a repetition of contradictions because history is made by events which always contain people’s idealism and reality but also people’s desire and plot. Ever since American history started, human relationship has been twisted and destroyed by conquest, slavery and democracy. Nowadays, America is considered the land of chance and freedom. In American history, America was the land of opportunity and freedom for the Europeans, but it was just a hell for the people from Africa. Europeans conquered America and then brought slaves from Africa and made their own benefits. They started a new political system named democracy, which is a good name to cover Plutocracy and deceiving common people by the word freedom, to reinforce their social power and positions. As this democracy, which was made by the elites, went on, the elites have conquered other parts of the world through war which seemed legitimate by democracy. Moreover, they have continued slavery that changed into the form of labor. American history has been continued by contradictions which are mixed by slavery, conquest, democracy, and freedom. The discovery of the new land by Christopher Columbus is the beginning of the contradictions of American history. In other words, this discovery of the new land is the initial move of the European conquest of America. In the document, “King Ferdinand Letter to the Taino and Arawak Indians”, there are some clues that lead us to conquest of America. “Their Highnesses are lords and masters of this land; they were acknowledged as such when this notice was posted, and were and are being served willingly and without resistance; then, their religious envoys were acknowledged and obeyed without delay, and all subjects unconditionally and of their own free will became Christians and thus they remain. Their Highnesses
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