SOC 120 Relativism And Morality

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Relativism and Morality Tina Passmore SOC 120: Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility Professor Scott August 22, 2012 I agree with Lenn Goodman that some things are always morally wrong. (Goodman, 2010) Everybody has their own sense of truth but she states clearly that some behaviors are always wrong no matter what context they are put in. Genocide is wrong because it is killing someone for something you do not like about them. It could be their hair color, speech or religion. You cannot go about killing people you do not like and calling it war. The war is within the person causing the genocide not the person it is being afflicted on. Terrorism is wrong at all times also. According to Goodman (2010) “terrorism…show more content…
It not only takes away their self-worth, it also takes away their identity in the family. An adult should not take advantage of someone sexually because they are related or over them as guardians. One’s sexual identity should come when the time is right and the person is old enough to handle sexual responsibility. It should be up to each individual person. Rape and Incest go hand in hand they are both betrayals of someone for the use of their bodies. To take someone’s privacy and their individuality away is horrendous. Being raped will take away self-esteem and sometimes that persons will to live. There is no such thing as a gentle rape. It is in your head forever no matter the level of violence included. You can be polite and slow but it is still forcible rape if the other person says…show more content…
Genocide, Famine and Warfare are at the top of her list and mine. Next5 she discusses Terrorism, Hostages and Child Warriors. Children should not be warriors or pawns to help win any type of war. It is disgusting and robs the children of a childhood. Mrs. Goodman then discusses Slavery, Polygamy and Incest. All three should be against international laws and should be strictly enforced once made law. They should be felonies not misdemeanors. At the end she talks about Rape and Clitoridectomy. They are truly apprehensive actions and the people that commit them should have something done to them that they will never forget. They are done to bring about humiliation and deference to the one committing the act. Some rules were made by GOD yet man has made a habit of breaking the strongest rules to please themselves. One must take into account another’s feelings before one act towards them. All Mrs. Goodman talked about are definitive rules that should be held into account by every human

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