Abortion And Dynamics Of The Family

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ABORTIONS Dynamics of the Family ABORTION and Dynamics of Family Introduction Abortion issue raises some very strong emotions and for good reasons. Today I wanted to address one of the reasons for such reactions, the one which is said too rarely. Abortion is not a phenomenon, which is the margin of social life. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the world made more than 50 million abortions per year. Abortion means in the simplest terms killing an innocent child. Sometimes people remember that abortion severely mutilated the mother of the child physically, mentally, and spiritually. However, people do not think that abortion also affects how devastating the child's father, his siblings, grandparents and other family members (Richards, 2010). Presently the society is suffering from addicts of alcoholism, which is slowly killing the family values. Alcoholism and other addictions are not the only misfortune in the family of todays society, but it is a big one. This evil act destroys the rest of the family and society for that matter. In the case of abortions as individuals why aren’t we doing anything, and why is society telling us it’s ok. Society stand point why are we allowing this; taking out rap cases. Taboo Abortion is still considered as taboo, people fell loud and happy to discuss the need for legal permission to get rid of "unwanted pregnancy" or vice versa. When we talk about aborting on the people we love: mothers, wives, daughters, sons, friends, colleagues from work, then we become silent. We would like to recognize that we do not have anything to do with that, because we haven’t committed this. It had no place in our immediate family, but your still letting it happen. Women: our mothers, sisters, daughters, sons, friends and colleagues from work, usually unspoken about the disastrous choice once made, for fear of
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