Capital Punishment Justified

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Capital Punishment Justified There will always be pro’s and con’s to every situation, Capital Punishment, is no different. Do we as a people have the moral right to take a life for a life? Are we any different when we kill someone who has killed someone else? How can we be sure that those we execute are actually the ones who committed the murder in the first place? These questions and many more can spar an argument for or against Capital Punishment. Capital Punishment is an end all end and a justification for those individuals who willfully chose to take another person’s life. There can be the argument that it is immoral to take a person’s life, just because they took someone else’s. Personally, it’s a very striking contradiction for someone who has murdered multiple persons’ to therefore plea for their own lives in the end. In the essay, “The Death Penalty: Is it Ever Justified,” an admitted killer named, Joseph Carl Shaw, in an appeal wrote: ‘Killing was wrong when I did it. Killing is wrong when you do it. I hope you have the courage and moral strength to stop the killing”’ (575). In the same essay, Edward I. Koch states, “It is a curiosity of modern life that we find ourselves being lectured on morality by cold-blooded killers” (575). If a person takes another persons’ life, how dare they plea for their own! They have no rights as far as I am concerned. It would be immoral for anyone to stand by and do nothing against those who willfully take another persons’ life. In the Holy Bible, Genesis Chapter 9, Verse 6 states: “Who so sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.” There are consequences for everything that we do in this life. If we have unprotected sex, we know that consequences such as an unplanned pregnancy, STDS, and even death can occur from that one choice we make in an instance. It is no
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