Relativism and Morality

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Relativism and Morality After reading Some Moral Minima by Len Goodman I agreed with a majority of his thoughts and ideas. I believe that as a whole human race we should be kind and respectful of one another and of other people’s beliefs. I think that we should always do everything in our power to help someone who is in need of help for any reason. I live my life and teach my children to live their lives by way of the golden rule. Always respecting others and helping out in any way possible. Len Goodman states that all the things he talked about are all connected in one way or another. I can understand how he would think so after reading the paper and looking over it again. Len Goodman talks about how murder is wrong but then there is war in which murder happens all the time. He presents a question as if a solider doing his duty in war is the same as a person convicted of murder. Here is where I disagree with him. I believe that many men and women who are serving any military know what they could possibly have to do if they are sent off to war. They are aware of the possibility of having to defend themselves and take another life. This to me is different than a planned and strategic murder of another person. I do not agree with the idea that men and women in uniform defending the freedoms of their country are ever to be considered murders when they are only following the orders they were given to support our freedoms. Terrorists are a different story all together. In war there are people who are out to hurt others for no good reason. They pick on the weak; women, children and elderly. They strap bombs to their selves and kill not only themselves but many innocent people in the process. These people, these terrorists are murders. They are killing innocent people for no reason and that is why we have wars and why there are military men and women from all over the
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