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United we stood, Divided we fell “These colors don’t run!” This slogan was the bumper sticker on every car with an American Flag waving. Everyone was buying American flags or something that was red, white and blue, except Ray Hanania. Ray Hanania is a proud Arab-American who did not need to go out like all the other Americans to purchase an American flag, because he had a big flag on his lawn before 9/11. Hanania’s father was a veteran of World War II, and he considered himself to be a Veteran. Hanania’s life changed drastically after the incident of 9/11. After 9/11, a colleague of his said “We are at war. We are at war. And your people did it.” (Hanania, 2006, September 16). America – the Land of the free, are the reasons why so many immigrants are currently living here, because according to the US constitution: equal rights, freedom of speech and privacy is guaranteed. However, not everyone is roofed under the US constitution, because in today’s world, the Muslim community has been targeted, their rights and freedoms and opportunities have been stripped from them and nothing is being done about it. The perception of Muslims has been altered through the media since before and after…show more content…
Jihad is supposed to be an internal struggle however; people often confuse it with an external struggle in which they use violence for dominance. “Despite the fact that Jihad is not supposed to include aggressive warfare, this has occurred. Jihad means to counter such threats and assert the predominance of Islam.” Intercollegiate Review; Spring2002, Vol. 37 Issue 2, p24-32, 9p Just and Unjust War in the Terrorist Age. Many people consider Jihad to be a movement which causes a problem in the Muslim community because of the misinterpretation of the religious beliefs. Some read it as a Holy war on unbelievers and others read it as a war within

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