Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Kennedy Herbert May 14, 2012 History, Block A Mrs. Williamson Iraq War or War in Iraq or Second Gulf War or Operation Iraqi Freedom 1. What: What is Operation Iraqi Freedom? What is its current status (are the operations still going on? Does the U.S. still have presences in Iraq?) The Operation Iraqi Freedom was known to be one of the largest of several active fronts in the ongoing battle of Terrorism. The immediate goal from the start was the goal of removing Saddam Hussein’s regime and destroying the regime’s tactics of being able to use weapons of mass destruction or to make them available to terrorists. The current status operations that are still going on is when the Obama Administration announced its Iraq conversion policy, and the U.S Iraqi…show more content…
When: When did this event begin? This event began on March 19, 2003, that is when the American and British forces started the bombing of Iraq which was the – Operation Iraqi Freedom. 4. Where: Where did the campaign take place? The Operation Iraqi Freedom campaign took place on most military grounds to spread the word of the operation. 5. Why: Why did this military campaign happen? What is the “background” that led to this event? This military campaign happened because the military needed more knowledge on what the operation was involving and they needed to train for this big operation. The main reason for this operation is because we as Americans did not want another 9/11 to happen so we wanted to rebel and capture Saddam Hussein who was the main brain behind all of the terrorists plots. 6. How: How did the United States justify its involvement in Iraq? How does the U.S. justify our current status with Iraq (why are we still there?) The United States justified its involvement in Iraq by saying that we are preventing more future damage that can be done by the terrorists. We are still in Iraq because he do not want another uprising of a terrorist as bad as Saddam
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