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The United States’ Army Ranger The United States’ Army has longed for an elite infantry division. They needed a group that could demonstrate dominance on the frontlines and also go behind enemy lines to retrieve information, expose the enemy or even conquer from behind enemy lines. Some committed to making that idea into a reality creating the Rangers. The United States’ Army Rangers have changed dramatically throughout history causing controversy and destruction. The once small fighting force has grown to be one of the most feared forces in the world. Their vast requirements, intense training, and unprecedented warfare tactics makes them one of the most elite units in the world. The History of the Rangers Even though…show more content…
Warfare Tactics The Army Rangers have many warfare techniques. They have successfully utilized the art of Guerrilla Warfare since World War II. A guerrilla is defined as “one who engages in irregular warfare esp. as a member of an independent unit carrying out harassment and sabotage” (Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary. Pg. 541). The Rangers have used this style to succeed at any cost. Influence on Past Wars The Rangers have heavily influenced past wars from World War II up to the War on Terror. They were a recognized force then and still are today destroying all that stand in their way. In World War II, the Rangers worked behind enemy lines to ensure victory in the war. Several days before the D-Day invasion, Hitler was moving four heavy armor divisions to the beaches of Normandy. A unit of Rangers was inserted behind the lines to plant evidence of a false invasion to confuse the Germans. This led Hitler to pull back his heavy armor divisions from Normandy which allowed the beaches to be conquered. Also, the Army Rangers were the ones responsible for the entire invasion on D-Day. They stormed the beaches and conquered them with great difficulty. Without the Rangers, World War II never would have been won…show more content…
They also conducted reconnaissance missions to infiltrate and expose the enemy. They collected intelligence, planned and directed air strikes, provided internal leadership for other units, and set up ambushes. Although the Vietnam War was considered a loss by the general public, it was a victory for the Rangers. They were able to learn from mistakes and gain knowledge about jungle warfare and many more techniques to aid them in future wars. In January of 1991, Saddam Hussein launched his three best heavy armored divisions across the desert into Kuwaiti initiating the Gulf War. All that was standing in his way were small scattered units of Rangers and few lightly armed Marines. They were able to hold the armored divisions with constant mortar fire until reinforcements could arrive. Without these small Ranger units accompanied by some Marines, it would have been nearly impossible to establish a presence in Kuwaiti. During the United States’ current war, the War on Terror, the Rangers are an unprecedented force controlling the pace of the fighting. Rangers are primarily on the frontlines disarming roadside bombs and other IEDs putting themselves in harms way for the preservation of

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