Terrorism Influences Essay

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Identifying and examining the history of terrorism from the American Revolution to the present day and the effects it has on the governments, communities, business, and individuals must outline five main points. The past acts of terrorism and the influence of the Russian revolution and the Irish Republican Army. Comparing and contrasting guerilla ideological versus religiously motivated terrorism, the introduction of weapons of mass destruction and the effect on preventing and detecting terrorist activities, how the Department of Homeland Security mission help shape modern terrorism, and the relationships between federal, state, and local government agencies and private corporations. These events together will bring better understanding why the development and implementation of the responses to terrorist activities or threats came about and why these policies and procedures are in place today. The influence on terrorism in the Western hemisphere by the Russian revolution began with a vow by Czar Alexander to make changes to distinguish the nobles and peasants. The Peoples Will was a violent socialist revolution whose goal was to reform and modernize Russia and overthrow Czar Alexander. “When it (Peoples Will) launched a campaign of revolutionary terrorism in the 1870s, it faced confrontation with conservative elements such as the church, police, and military. Peoples’ Will came to believe it was necessary to terrorize these subversive organizations into submission” (Byrnes, 2003-2007). During that time, the view was that terrorist acts were a way to overthrow the government. The government saw them as activist soldiers but they saw themselves as nationalists. The influence on terrorism by the Irish Republican Army was for self-government in Ireland by nationalizing control. The Irish Republican Army was using terrorist tactics to accomplish this goal using
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