Macro-Systematic Causes of Terrorism

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Abstract: This research aims to identify causes of terrorism that are consistent across several divergent movements at the macro-systematic level. By identifying root causes that can explain terrorism, and their flow, regardless of differing backgrounds, this research attempts to outline methods by which policy can be crafted that aid in the identification of potential terrorism as well as the reduction of the threat of terrorist movement generation. This piece was completed through the qualitative analysis of case studies of several terrorist organizations as well as general research literature germane to the topic. The research has revealed that, despite different time periods, cultures, and ideologies, the precipitation of terrorism requires a society spanning problem necessitating rectification which leads to the revelation that the political system in place is inadequate to fulfill this demand which ultimately leads to people adhering to radical ideologies to enact the change they wish to see. Also, it is found that ideologies only come into play once longstanding grievances have been established. Introduction: The aim of this paper is to analyze systematic and environmental structures that precipitate and foster terrorism. The paper will look at possible root causes of terrorism across several movements and how these terrorist movements evolve in their respective environments. This analysis will be completed via the study pieces that lay the framework for root causes of terrorism generally which will be accompanied by case studies on the PKK, LTTE, and Hamas terrorist movements. The common factors between the different societies within which these terrorist movements take place as well as the variables shared by these terrorist movements will be compared and contrasted. This will be done for the purpose of better
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