Victim Typology Analysis

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Running Head: VICTIM TYPOLOGIES “Victim Typologies” "No Name" Kaplan University CJ266-01: Deviance and Violence Gregory Matoesian May 31, 2011 Sellin and Wolfgang (1964) offer a victim typology that addresses situations rather than relationships. Their five categories are primary victimization, secondary victimization, tertiary victimization, mutual victimization, and no victimization” (J., R. 2006). Primary victimization is when a group or an individual targets a specific type of victim to mark for persecution. Hate crimes are an example of primary victimization, which we frequently hear about on the news. A lot of people have been killed just because of their ethnicity, appearance, race, religion, or sexual preference.…show more content…
These can be cases involving the government that affect our society. A good example of this type of victimization is when “an elected official takes pleasure trips and write them off as business expenses”, this elected official is cheating the public (J., R. 2006). Mutual victimization is when two people are engage and the crime has multiple perpetrators, one criminal victimizes the other. An example of this type of victimization could be members of a gang turning on one another and one turns up dead. The final category mentioned in the text is called no victimization, which occurs when it is difficult to determine if a person has been victimized while being in a compromised situation. For example, when a man or woman solicitudes prostitution services, and during the act gets hurt. Such as one person using a whip on another in the act of sexual…show more content…
First I would like to start by giving a brief definition of what or better said – how, criminology differs from victimology. Criminology is more concerned with the origin of crime along the extent and nature of crime. Criminology places an emphasis on studying the offender, the crimes, and the motives behind the crime. It is also the study of how the public and criminal justice system responds to the offender. Victimology plays a very important role in criminology and is used to determine what the victim’s behavior has to do with their risk of being victimized. “Victimology is the study of harm dome from illegal activity. This particular area of sociology is inter-related with criminology” (Selwyn, L. 2010). Victimology will study issues dealing with the victim. For instance, who is the most likely victim. Another question that could be raised is whether or not the hazing victim should have done anything to prevent the

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