Parental and Family Risk Factors

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The lines of evidence relating to the psychology of criminal behaviors research correspond closely to the paternal and family risk factors that a criminal has experienced during their development stages in life from childhood to adulthood. The most supporting evidence of the risk factors could be found in single parent household, parental styles, parental monitoring, and the influence of the siblings. There are many other reasons as to why a person becomes a criminal, however is hard to determine the real reason that sparingly transpire and individual to commit crimes. There are more studies needed to be conducted to determine the mental status of a criminal. Is rationale to assume that parental and family risk factors played a vital part in the life of a criminal, because they are a product of their surroundings. Understanding the mental process of a criminal behavior can assist on identify the problems such as antisocial behaviors. It identifies the individuals with their parents and other family members of the family. Taking a look at the parents and siblings will give researcher a different spectrum that can or may not voucher for the actions of the criminal, it brings all the issues about their past to surface. Parental and family risk factors effects and shapes the individual into the person that they are today. It is vital for society to know the past life of an individual, who is being disobedient to the norms of society. Issues that are factor in criminal person actions are the following; was the parent inadequate with their parental skills? Did the criminal get abused as a child? Were they raised in a low budget? How was the criminal as a student in his school years? Understanding nature over nurture is where hypothesis can be formed. Are the genes of an individual responsible for their action or is the environment to blame? How they were raised and who
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