Are Criminals Born or Made (Unfinished)

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Are Criminals Born or Made? Through many different theories, psychologists can understand criminal behaviour completely. The three theories I will discuss are: the social theory of crime, biological theory and the psychological theory. A thorough explanation is provided with each theory. Which is the better explanation that elucidates the question: Are criminals born or made? Research has shown that criminal behaviour tends to run in families, it is likely that biological factors play a fundamental role in criminality. In order for psychologists to discover whether criminal behaviour results in the child’s genes or their surrounding environment, they need the information required by adoption studies. For example, if the criminal’s behaviour duplicates that of their adoptive parents then this could lead to the fact that the criminality is present in the environment. Mednick et al. have studied criminal convictions of over 14,000 people who have been adopted and created greater evidence to suggest that biology had more access over their behaviour. To support this theory further, Bohman reproduced Mednick et al’s study by analyzing the percentage of sons to with a biological parent with an existing criminal record to boys with an adoptive parent with a criminal record. Bohman also concluded with the fact that the genetic factors were more eloquent compared to the environmental influences. The psychological assumption of crime suggests that negative expectations influence certain individuals to execute in a criminal way as their stereotypes change their social interactions. This theory is supported by Jahoda’s study of names. Jahoda have studied the Ashanti
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