Biological Approach To Crime Essay

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Describe Using Evidence any two influences that explain why a person turns to crime. (15) There are various influences which may explain why a person tunes to crime, these influences may vary between a person’s upbringing, cognitive and biological make up. A study that supports this theory may be Farringdon et al. He suggest that social factors experienced during a child life and upbringing are clearly associated with criminal behaviour. Within the study he was able to identify patterns of particular behaviour and social factors which later lead to participants becoming’ chronic offenders’, examples of this situation were, poor parenting, harsh discipline, family members who were currently or previously offenders, and the child’s poor performance…show more content…
The biological approach focuses on a person’s genes, mind and chromosomes, and bases this on the actions and behaviours an individual carries out. Daly and Wilsons study supports this as they believe it is down to a person’s chromosomes and genetic material that get passed on from one generation to the next. This is what explains criminal behaviour. However, to an extent, the biological approach does not provide an explanation of criminal behaviour. This is because biology only counts as one section as to why people turn to crime. There are many other approaches such as someone’s upbringing about cognition that will determine if someone turns to crime. It is not just biology. Another reason why the biological approach does provide an explanation of criminal behaviour is because it is why the person is born with. If the person did not count upbringing and cognition, it would be up to someone’s biology, as to whether they committed crime. After all it is a known fact that crime runs in families and so if your parents are criminals, you have a high percentage of becoming one as well. In conclusion, the biological approach does provide an explanation of criminal behaviour, to a certain extent. However, other approaches do need to be considered such as upbringing and someone’s cognition, when stating why people turn to
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