Discuss the View That Some People Turn to Crime Because of Their Upbringing

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Discuss the view that some people turn to crime because of their upbringing. Turning to crime by upbringing can be explained by the social, developmental and behaviourist approaches. It can be explained by developmental in Farringtons study of Disrupted Families. Farrington documented the start, duration and end of offending behaviour from childhood to adulthood in families of 411 boys aged 8 and 9. From Farringtons study they concluded that the most important risk factors are criminality in the family and poor child-rearing. Suggesting that there is a cause and effect between the upbringing of children and how they will act in their childhood and later on in life. This is shown by the results as there was a positive correlation found between those who had convicted parents and those who were convicted of crime before and after their 21st birthday, whilst those who had parents who were not convicted were far less likely to be involved in crime themselves, many other childhood characteristics were shared between the ‘persisters’. A strength of the upbringing approach to psychology is that it is on the nurture side of the nature vs nurture debate, this is shown through the Farrington study as it found that on their 15th birthday 29% of boys from the disrupted families had committed more crime compared to those boys with intact families. However a weakness of the upbringing approach is that it can be considered a reductionist because it ignores biological causes of crime. This can be seen in Sutherland’s theories as he presents one theory, ‘criminal behaviour is learnt’, and Sutherland believes that criminals’ behaviour isn’t inherited or as a result of any other biological condition, ‘without prior influence people are incapable of inventing behaviour’. This theory provides a good explanation for certain types of violent crime, but it cannot be applied to crimes

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