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Introduction to Criminology Introduction to Criminology Bayleigh Allied American University Author Note This paper was prepared for Introduction to Criminology, Homework 1 taught by Professor Chauvin. CRJ 110 – Module 1 Homework Assignment PART I: SHORT RESPONSE Directions: Answer the questions below. Your response to each should be at least one paragraph in length. 1. What is the role of criminological research in theory building? · Criminology is defined as, An interdisciplinary profession built around the scientific study of crime and criminal behavior, including their manifestations, causes, legal aspects, and control. Criminology examines the causes of crime and seeks ways to prevent or control it. To explain and understand crime, criminologists have had to developed many theories. Theories attempt to provide us with explanatory power and help us understand the phenomenon under study. The more applicable a theory is found to be, the more generalizable it is from one specific instance to others—in other words, the more it can be applied to other situations. The perspective that we choose to employ when viewing crime determines the kinds of questions we ask, the nature of the research we conduct, and the type of answers that we expect to receive. Those answers, in turn, influence our conclusions about the kinds of crime control policies that might be effective. Hence, when we study crime, it is vital to keep in mind that there are differing viewpoints within the field of criminology as to the fundamental nature of the subject matter itself. 2. How can theories help us to understand criminal behavior or to design strategies intended to control such behavior? Theory helps us to understand the world because it provides us with a fundamental pattern, which explains a variety of
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