Counter Terrorism and Intelligence Framework Essay

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Counterterrorism and Intelligence Framework Affecting millions of people, terrorism has progressed as a preferred tactic or strategy for the ideological extremists throughout the world. It is either directly or indirectly focused at the United Stated. The increasing of law enforcement and special agencies resources to combat terrorism, the United States, has started developing many joint agencies specializing, but not limited to the military branches. Counterterrorism is simply defined as the operations that include the offensive measures taken to prevent, deter, preempt, and respond to terrorism. The United States viewed counterterrorism missions as special operations by covert, clandestine, or low visibility means. Today counterterrorism is classified as a core task for the United States. We have created or redefined our special sources to conduct a more offensive measure to combat terrorism. To construct a Counterterrorism and Intelligence Framework that will create the most “robust” intelligence system and strategically efficient counterterrorism operations we must first get the CIA, FBI and the Department of Defense to work hand in hand to help detour terrorism. This is not an easy task but it can be done and a new policy can come from this recommendation. The FBI or the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a major branch on the U.S. Department of Justice. Being involved in both Federal Criminal Investigations and internal intelligence agency or counterintelligence it also is responsible for investigating Indian reservations. This is done through the U.S. under the major crimes act. The FBI has jurisdiction over violations of more than 200 categories of federal crimes. This can be Cybercrimes, Kidnappings, drug trafficking, as well as money laundering. It has five major branches and each branch has a huge part in homeland security. The FBI consists of
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