Pols 2401 Week 1 Terrorism Research Paper

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POLS 2401 Section #14 Fall 2015 Ronick Nathan Terrorism is a goal in which to threat, fear, and intimidate in regards to political issues, religion crisis or Ideological impacts on society. Terrorism is the interaction of violence to solid and substantial ways of terrorizing a population from most often a group to grasp the acknowledgment to and issue, cause, political change or to gain political authority. Terrorism also intrigues in the resisting of a government system. There are several different types of terrorism come from the initiative of certain types of issues in regards to our society. Five forms of terrorism are state terrorism, religious terrorism, issue orientated terrorism, narco- terrorism, and right wing terrorism. Every type of terrorism confines with the perspective of intimidation by an individual or group to get attention enact political change or have authority over political power. The French Monarch in 1793 was undoing and loss power which lead to the revolutionary dictatorship. After the revolutionary dictatorship came into action, anyone who was opposed of the new enrollment were to be killed Furthermore, during the twentieth centuries states started to use violence amongst their own people. Which configures to be state terrorism. State terrorism…show more content…
People state that all terrorism reflects off the right wing. However I disagree due to the fact that there’s more to terrorism than taking over governments and starting up riots. The Right Wing Terrorism first was created in Europe after the corruption of the Soviet Union. Right Wing Terrorism tries to replace different types of governments with social structure governments. The skinheads and hooligans, who are people who cause riots, destruction, and violent behavior, are over the right – wing
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