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A tough federal response smothered Klan terror in a wave of prosecutions. Martial law and the suspension of habeas corpus were necessary to remove the threat from South Carolina. In 1915 the Hollywood spectacular Birth of a Nation reframed historical events to give credence to the Klan’s conspiratorial interpretation.38 As the economic order changed, different visions of the future battled for power. Conspiracy was a prominent theme in the competition. Capitalists denounced radicals for scheming to overthrow the government and cited as proof events like the 1886 Haymarket Square bombing that left seven policemen dead. The radical response counted strikebreakers, Pinkerton detectives, and blacklists, among other union-busting tactics, on the roll of robber baron sins. Novelists like Ignatius Donnerly painted the conflict more vividly. In his book Caesar’s Column, published in 1890, Donnerly described the Brotherhood of Destruction, a secret society that rises to destroy the “abominable despotism” of the Hebrew-dominated aristocracy that has brought “the universal misery and wretchedness of the working class.” 39 More prosaic currency wars pitted inflationminded silverites against deflationary gold bugs and unleashed a barrage of literature uncovering their respective subversive activities. The Populist Party platform of 1892 put American economic problems in perspective, charging that “a vast conspiracy against mankind has been organized on two continents, and it is rapidly taking possession of the world.” 40 The intrigue between Wall Street and European banking houses awaited more explicit description in the twentieth century.41 Economic plots did not replace traditional intrigues. Indian rebellions in the West, culminating in the Ghost Dance Movement of the 1890s, nourished white conspiracy thinking. Americans implicated Mormons in these uprising while continuing to rail at the theocracy on the Salt Lake. Claims that the extermination of the buffalo was

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