Boscastle Floods - Impacts and Effects and Actions

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what were the Impacts of the Flood? where were the Economical impacts? The economy in rural Cornwall is classified as a deprived region. With the area earning below 75% of the EU’s average salary, it is classed as a EU objective 1 status. This is due to de-industrialisation as the regions mining industries have now long gone and they now depend highly on tourism. The flood, in short term affected Boscastle considerably, Shops that survived the impact and bombardment of the water were too flooded to open and had to be repaired. This on average for buildings and houses cost in between £15,000 - £30,000 and the total cost of the flood was £50 million! This caused a big dip in the local economy had to pay out for all the damages without getting much money put in! And also due to the shops closing, the people ended up loosing there jobs. As a consequence to this, Parts of Cornwall and definitely Boscastle saw permanent drop in house prices due to the lowered economy and the additional risk added for a flood risk. ‘The Guardian’ stated that the house prices had almost halved! Tourism was a main economical strength in Cornwall. With it being responsible for 35% of the Cornwall’s GDP by raising an average of £1 Billion per year! However due to the flood this rapidly dropped as all the shops were closed and the scene was not what we like to call ‘Typical Cornwall beauty’. And you could say due to the bad publicity it is likely that Boscastle will receive less tourism in its future years. This then put on a negative multiplier (Depleting) effect for the community. what were the Social Impacts? Socially there was not a great impact to the community, this may be due to the successful evacuation and the fact nobody died due to the flood. However morale was lowered. House prices are down and no house or building was left undamaged in a way. Also despite most the
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