Do You Agree with the View That, in the Years 1964-70, the Labour Government’s Failures Outweighed Its Successes?

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Towards the end on the 1960s, the Labour Government was attempting to modernise Britain on its laws and attitudes. The Labour Government had to deal with a lot of problems caused by the previous Conservative Government, such as unhappy workers and a failing economy. Although the Labour Government had many successes, they also had as many failures due to picking up after the Conservative Government but their own failed policies are also to blame. Source 7 argues that the Labour Government ‘had not got the economy right’, but the Labour Government would have economic problems once in power as a result of the Conservative Government’s aim to grow. The Conservative Government left the Labour Government with large debts to the IMF and an increase in inflation in the economy. Although the Labour Government did not help this problem as they approached the IMF for another loan and its increase in debt meant that they had to decrease wages and increase prices, which then caused problems with the workers of the country. Due to a decrease in wages, many workers were unhappy and inflation led them to blame the government’s lack of control of the country’s finances for the financial problems that everybody faced. As inflation was rising, unemployment was increasing as in the four years of the Labour Government, unemployment rose by half as ‘key industries continued to shrink’. However, the government blamed the financial problems on the workers and especially the unions as strikes caused workforce to stop and the government went to the IMF, this however does not include Wilsons decision to devalue the pound as this was damaging on the economy because people were getting loess for their money and it disheartened a lot of the population. Source 7 agrees that the Labour Government’s failures outweigh its successes as it’s ‘achievements were not enough to dispel the impression
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