Military Protects America

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Military Toby Shoemaker Com 323 Nancy Miller July 12, 2010 Military Have you ever wondered what the cost of freedom was? There is really only one answer and that is bloodshed. Too many people, that is a scary thought; but a scarier thought is the cost of not having freedom. The military protects our country and has many benefits to serving. If the draft were to be reinstated, the citizens of America and America itself would be better off. If everyone had to protect the country we love, they would reap the many benefits it has to offer. This is America, we are Americans. Someone vowed to protect us and the land. If we all vowed to protect each other and our land we would have a better understanding of the military and appreciate the sacrifices that someone else made for us. America is a super power that also protects other countries. We elect our leaders and expect them to run the show, the…show more content…
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